Sprintec G-Force Jet Sprint Boats

Exclusive domination of the World SuperBoat Championships since 2008

Sprintec is one of the world's leading Jetsprint motorsport businesses. For more than 20 years Peter Caughey and his talented team have been racing and crafting Jet Sprint Boats for many successful teams worldwide.

Delivering on their promise, Sprintec's purpose is to inject excitement, innovation, and excellence into jet sprinting. Therefore, they build inspiration into the production of every single Sprint boat and especially the new 4 Seater Jet Sprint Boat - Quad Sprint (QS).

Thanks to their extensive in-house design and development team, Sprintec can offer a high-quality ‘one-stop-shop’ for jetsprinting racers. Therefore, if you are wishing to compete in any class of Jetsprinting Sprintec will give you an unfair advantage in the water against your competition.

Sprintec owner Peter Caughey's ability to focus on the customer's needs and requests is paramount to their success. The quality of the boats produced is renowned within the jet sprinting industry.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand but delivered all over the world due to unrivalled quality craftmanship and demand for technology

About Sprintec

Sprintec has been crafting boats and winning jet sprinting championships for over twenty years thanks to the unrivalled design, performance and craftsmanship of Peter Caughey & his team


Sprintec develops innovative technology which improves the performance, safety and desirability of all Sprintec boats giving their owners the unfair advantage in the water


Sprintec's customers have enjoyed incredible success, winning multiple national and world championships around the globe thanks to the Sprintec design and technology

Sprintec Quad Sprinter is the latest 4 seat jet sprint boat by world champion Peter Caughey

QS 4 Seat Jet Sprint Boats

Full turn-key packages available