These are just a small selection of the jet sprint racers who have enjoyed owning a Sprintec quality engineered jetsprinting boat. This category of Superboats has no engine restrictions. This means you can have up to 1500 hp pushing you through the water and around the corners of the track. In other words, these Superboats are the ultimate machine when it comes to adrenaline. Being a Sprintec design they are also the safest and most advanced technology too. Basically, if you choose a Sprintec jet sprint boat you'll be choosing a quality machine that gives you every opportunity to become the next jetsprinting champion.

Group A

These Group A jet sprint boats may be smaller in engine size, but don't let that fool you. These quality machines have approximately 650 hp which gives them a winning edge when it comes to manouverability. They may not have the power of the Superboats. However, they can still make it around a jet sprint track in under a minute. In other words, they will still get your blood racing when you are behind the wheel. Many a Sprintec boat has one the Group A category in New Zealand, Australia and USA.

Phil Dixon

Louise Dixon

Brooke Dixon

Greg Mercier

Phonsy Mullan

Nathan Pretty

Keith Richards/Jeff Strong

Tony Giustozzi

Mick Carroll

Jeremy O'Driscoll (the late)

Andrew Guthrie

Duncan Wilson

Leighton Minnell

Ray Thompson

Tristan Hynds

Graeme Hill

Chris Kent

Al Carr

Sean Mathews

Peter Caughey

Brent White

Rob Coley

Brett Thompson

Ric Burke

Phil Miller

Pete Dormer

Scott Donald

Ollie Silverton

Glen Head

Michael Cunningham

Chris Munro

Ruebin Hoeksema

Paddy Haden

Aaron Hansen

Sean Rice

Ted Sydgidus

Derick Sydgidus

Sam Newdick