Quad Sprinter


The World's first 4 seat Jet Sprint boat

Elite High Performance Jet Sprint Boats

From elite to discrete – overt to covert

The World's Fastest accelerating watercraft

Designed & Proven by 7x World Champion

Check out the Latest Adventure Tourism Sensation

0-100 kph in 2.5 seconds

4-8 G’s of lateral cornering force

600-1000hp packages

QS Jet Sprint Boats presents ‘Elite High Performance Jet Sprint Boats’


QS Tourismo

Adventure Tourism 4 Seat Jet Sprint boats for commercial use. Operators based in Queenstown, Wanaka NZ and Las Vegas. The latest attraction for adrenaline junkies. We can also help with venue design and driver training. Package includes endorsement by 7x World Champion Pete Caughey.


QS Xtreme

The most elite and fastest 4 Seater we offer. For individuals that desire mind altering acceleration with brain scrambling cornering ability.


QS Military/Navy

Special operations vessels, including unmanned capability. Classified.


QS Rescue

Purpose built ‘elite personnel’ escape boat, hidden within your Super Yacht. No need to negotiate with Pirates, just get in this machine and hit the gas pedal. Ask about our unique ‘documents/medications & jewels’ auto-loading safe option for this craft.

Full turn-key packages available, including

  • Comprehensive driver training with Pete Caughey (a recent client stated after his first training session “this is the best days boating of my life”)
  • Maintenance management support
  • The most advanced performance proven Jetboat designs
  • World-first technology
  • 600-1000Hp options
  • 0-100kph in 2.5 seconds!
  • 4-6 G’s of lateral cornering force
  • The best handling/performing jetboats on the planet
  • Advanced driver training also available, including navy special forces
Quad Sprinter 01
Quad Sprinter 02
Sprintec Quad Sprinter Cta